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30 Biggest Tortoises Alive Today! Facts & More

I was curious to see what the largest tortoise species were, so I did some research and listed 30 of the largest tortoise species found some interesting facts. Currently the largest tortoise species is called Chelonoidis vandenburgh they can grow to a size between...

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Best Pet Amphibians

  If you’re looking for a pet amphibian, then look no further than the ones featured in this article! We’ve listed all of the best pet amphibians you can get in one place and made it super easy for you to find more information on their care and what they are like...

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Best Small Pet Lizards

  If you’re looking for small pet lizard ideas, then this article is for you. We’ve taken the time to list some of the smallest pet lizards you can get in the pet trade, along with some general information on each one. Sometimes, small is much more practical. As...

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Bearded Dragon Teeth

We all know that dragons have teeth in order to fight off evil and protect princesses from inadequate suiters, but do bearded dragons also have teeth? It doesn’t look like it, but looks can be deceiving. In this post, we’ll dive deeper into the topic of bearded dragon...

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Best Pet Geckos

Geckos are great! There are so many different kinds and they make for great pets if you do your research beforehand. This article lists some of the best pet geckos available, so you can make a choice that’s right for you. Please note that this list is in no particular...

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