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Guest contributors wanted. Guest post opportunity in the pets/reptile industry.

Write For Us - Get Featured On Our Blog!


We are looking for guest posts for our blog! This is your chance to become a guest contributor and grow your authority & presence in the reptile and pets niche. 

We offer both writers and companies the opportunity to contribute articles to our website.

Looking for a guest post opportunity in the pets space? This is what you’ll get:

– Your article featured on our blog. You will have published work online which demonstrates your expertise as a writer or industry-expert.

– Your very own author page on our website with a self-written bio. This also gives you the opportunity to grow your following on your other channels like your own website, YouTube channel or other online profiles by linking to them there.

– Gain exposure online and set yourself apart as a industry expert in the pets-niche or reptile-space.


How to get your guest post approved

There are a few important things you have to do to get your guest post approved. When going through guest post submissions we need to ensure that the post meets the below requirements. (Please note, we do not worry too much about small typo’s or spelling mistakes! We are all human and we don’t mind doing some minor editing work for you.)


– Guest posts have to be 700 words or longer. They need to cover a topic in its entirety. If readers are left wondering about information that was left out then the guest post will not be accepted.

– A guest post needs to be on one single topic

– The content needs to be written in native-level English. A few spelling or grammar mistakes isn’t the end of the world but we do not accept content written in poor English.

– In-content links should only point towards helpful resources that support the content. We do not accept marketing in the body of our guest posts so please bare this in mind. If you have helpful resources on your own site then linking to these resources is fine, just make sure you’re not using the guest post or links to directly market anything. You will have the opportunity to link to your personal marketing channels in your author page.

– All guest posts have to be free from all forms of plagiarism. They should also not have been made public on the web before.

– By submitting content we get the full rights to the content sent to us (We do, of course, have to publish it in your name). 

– By submitting a guest post you agree that you have not submitted this content to other publications in the past and that you will not do so in the future if we accept your submission. If the article is not accepted you are free to resubmit it somewhere else.

– If you do not hear back from us this means that at least one of the requirements above has not been met. If you meet the requirements above then we will always respond and either send you some advice for editing it (if it’s a lot of work), aide you with editing (if the edits are just minor), or respond with the message that we’ve accepted your submission!


What guest articles do you accept?

We are mainly looking for informative articles on reptiles and everything to do with their care. This could be things from the water they drink, where they live or what they should be fed, all the way to general facts and cool information about certain species.

Basically, anything to do with reptiles and amphibians!


How do I submit a guest post?

You can submit a pre-written guest post, pitch an idea to us, or contact us about long-term contribution to our blog using the following email:



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