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What is UrbanReptiles

Urban reptiles is a reptile blog that’s focused on providing first-hand information about pet reptile care. We got our first reptiles around 2008 and have been in love ever since!

We aim to provide factual and digestible information to help people care for their reptiles, as well as fun and more-general posts about reptiles as a whole.

As well as this, we hope to create a community of reptile fanatics that can support each other and help to improve reptile keeping as a whole.

We do our best to supplement our own knowledge with knowledge of industry experts in order to provide valuable and factual information instead of opinion. All industry experts will be listed in the posts. We’re also planning on creating a separate page to list the different experts who have helped provide these factual resources and allow us to post their advice and findings on our site!

Recent posts

Some of our most recent posts!

30 Biggest Tortoises Alive Today! Facts & More

I was curious to see what the largest tortoise species were, so I did some research and listed 30 of the largest tortoise species found some interesting facts. Currently the largest tortoise species is called Chelonoidis vandenburgh they can grow to a size between...

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