If you’re looking for a pet frog but aren’t sure which is best for you then you’re in the right place. This article lists the best pet frogs you can get. Without wasting any time, let’s get into the article!

A pet frog telling their human that they don't want a kiss

African bullfrog

In no particular order, the first frog on this list of the best pet frogs is the African bullfrog. It’s one of the largest amphibians in the world and one of the top two largest frogs. This alone makes it quite the display animal to have as a pet.

The African bullfrog may be large but it doesn’t come with all the disadvantages that most larger reptiles or amphibians come with. Even though their larger size does mean they need more food, their enclosure doesn’t need to be extremely large. This makes their size a lot more manageable.

Their diet consists mainly of rodents which is something that puts some people off of this wonderful animal. They can also live upwards of ten years with proper husbandry which is a long time for a frog!

These frogs have a good feeding response which makes feeding a breeze. This also comes with a disadvantage though as they may mistake your hand or finger for food. They possess sharp teeth and can cause a nasty bite if you’re not careful.

They’re also quite docile which means they don’t escape very often but also makes them slightly less ideal as display animals.

All-in-all though, this frog makes for a great pet and is worth your time and effort if you do decide to go for one.

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Image of a pet grey tree frog

Grey tree frog

The grey tree frog is next and it’s another fantastic addition to this list of the best pet frogs. It’s a relatively large frog and its care is quite easy once you know what you’re doing.

These frogs make for great pets. As with all frogs and amphibians in general, they’re a lot like keeping tropical fish. They’re display animals and are very interesting to watch.

Grey tree frogs can reach lengths of about 3 inches and come in various striking colors. Most are grey with orange feet, but some can even turn various shades of black and even green! They’re nocturnal animals which means you’ll see the most activity in the early morning and after dark. This still gives you more than enough time to enjoy them though and even makes them the perfect pet if you work longer hours.

If you do get a grey tree frog, make sure the terrarium is well closed off and that you’re careful when opening it for feeding and cleaning. These frogs can scale vertical surfaces and can even climb up onto the underside of the roof of their terrarium!

Image of a pet fire belly toad

Fire belly toad

The fire belly toad is another great addition to this list of the best pet frogs. These are much more suitable for beginners and younger first-time keepers. They’re still a beautiful species to watch though and make for wonderful display animals.

Being a toad, the fire belly toad comes with some advantages over the larger frogs on this list. One of the main advantages is that they tend to live more on the ground than in shrubs, or on the wall and roof of their given terrarium.

Another advantage is that these toads can share an enclosure with certain tree-dwelling frog species which can give your terrarium more diversity. Make sure to do thorough research before placing them in with your frogs though!

All in all, fire belly toads make for great pets. They don’t get too large, aren’t as quick to escape as most of the others on this list and have a beautiful pattern on their belly.

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Image of a pet green tree frog

Green tree frog

Green tree frogs are one of the most popular pet frog species. Their vibrant color and interesting behavior make them incredibly popular and common display animals.

Unlike the toads, this frog has adhesive feet which help it to scale vertical surfaces without any issues. This makes them all the more interesting to watch but also makes them more prone to escaping.

If you’re not a great sleeper, then this might not be the pet for you. They make quite a bit of noise as night falls and this can add a great natural feel to your home. It’s both a pro and a con depending on who’s pet it is.

Green tree frogs can reach 10cm in length making them one of the larger frogs on this list. They can live for up to 25 years too which means that with the right care, you can enjoy your pet frog for a long time.

Image of a pet dart frog

Dart frog

Dart frogs are another common pet and a very interesting addition to our list of the best pet frogs. They are one of the smallest pet frogs you can get, but this really depends on the kind you go for as certain kinds of dart frog are smaller than others.

These small frogs are quite long-lived. Most of the smaller options can live over ten years while the larger varieties can get well into the twenties.

Unlike in the wild, dart frogs in captivity do not possess poison. In the wild, they develop their poison through their diet and this is not something we can replicate in captivity.

Dart frogs are often kept in bio-active vivariums which can be made to look extremely beautiful and can easily become the centerpiece in any room. They’re also relatively low maintenance which makes them much easier to care for.

These frogs are active during the day giving you a much longer time period to enjoy watching them. They make for great pets and are certainly one to consider.

Pacman frogs

If you’re looking for a pet mouth with legs, then the Pacman frog is the best pet frog for you. Apart from their cool name and even cooler look, these frogs are rather unique when it comes to their ways.

These frogs will eat pretty much anything you put in front of them. They’re ambush hunters which means they sit and wait for their food. This does mean that you may get bit if you accidentally wiggle your finger in front of them. Luckily their bite isn’t that bad!

These frogs make for excellent pets and don’t require a whole lot of maintenance. They’re great to watch while feeding but don’t move as much as some of the other frogs on this list which might make them less suitable to some people.

Image of a pet red eye tree frog

Red-eye tree frog

The red-eye tree frog is a wonderful-looking frog that’s very popular among frog-keepers. They are great display animals and can brighten up any terrarium.

One main downside to these frogs is that their care is quite difficult. They aren’t a very hardy species and it’s best to only get red-eyes tree frogs if you’re experienced and know what you’re doing. They also have fragile limbs which makes them more susceptible to injury.

If you do have the knowledge and experience to keep these frogs then they may be one of the best display animals you can have. They’re extremely acrobatic and can stick to pretty much anything.

With their red eyes and bright orange feet, these frogs are a beautiful addition to any home.

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Budgett’s frog

This may just be the oddest looking frog of the bunch! The budgett’s frog, with its strange head and fantastic care requirements, couldn’t be left off our list of the best pet frogs.

These frogs are one of the easiest frogs to care for on this list, simply because you don’t have to spend as much time and effort managing humidity. These frogs live mainly in the water and this makes them a delightful pet to keep.

The Budgett’s frog can live for up to ten years and doesn’t get very large. This means you can enjoy your pet frog for a long time without its care taking up too much of your life.

Image of a pet tomato frog

Tomato frog

One of the stranger-looking options, the tomato frog is a red frog that makes for a great pet. They’re an average size and their unique look makes them popular pet amphibians to keep.

When it comes to their care, tomato frogs aren’t all too difficult when you know what you’re doing. As with all amphibians though, they are quite fragile compared to some of the reptiles we feature on this site.

These frogs can get as large as 4 inches if you have a particularly large female while males stay a little smaller. They only live an average of roughly six years which means they’re shorter-lived than some of the other frogs on this list.

Originally from Madagascar, tomato frogs make for wonderful pets and are a great display animal for everyone to enjoy.

Image of a pet green tree frog

White’s tree frog

Last but certainly not least is the white’s tree frog. We may have left the best pet frog for last as this frog is something else. Originally from Australia, these frogs make for great pets and are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced frog keepers.

These frogs have a wonderful appearance and are avid climbers too. They have suction pads at the bottom of their feet which allow them to scale the walls and ceiling of any aquarium you place them into. This makes them prone to escaping if you don’t have a decent lid or aren’t careful when opening their enclosure.

They are popular pets and therefor information about their care is easy to find. They eat the same as most reptiles and are very calm animals when it comes to handling. Being amphibians it’s best to handle them sparingly and ensure you only handle them after thoroughly washing your hands.

These frogs can actually live for more than ten years which means you’ll be able to enjoy their company for quite some time to come.

The white’s tree frog is easy to find and is also pretty much always captive bred which is great news if you’re looking to get one. A great pet frog and certainly one you should consider if you’re looking to get one!


That was the list! We hope that this post has helped you on your way to finding a great pet frog. If there’s anything you think we’ve left out, or if you have any questions, then please send us a message. We’re always looking to improve the resources we offer on this site.

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